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Get to Know the Different Categories of Websites

There are so many websites on the internet that it is hard to launch a new one. Just thinking about billions of them competing for attention from seekers every day seems overwhelming. Fortunately, amongst these billions there are different categories of websites making efforts to accomplish different purpose.

Therefore, first consider the website type you want, which will narrow your expected goals and setup. Identify the niche websites and browse through them for inspiration. For breakdown of different kinds of websites in details visit Metapress and read variety of helpful and relevant contents.

E-commerce website

People can buy products directly from e-commerce platform. Sites that include shopping cart and provide secure payment option to make purchase comes under this category.

Business website

Website that is committed to a specific business and communicates the kind of products or services it offers fall in this group. Business website may or may not sell directly to consumers but encourage them to visit their physical store.

Entertainment website

Basically, entertainment websites aim to earn through advertisements posted on pages. You can create informative or funny videos or gigs or quizzes to entertain people.

Portfolio website

Examples of your past work get displayed on portfolio websites. Clients can be shown your creative work quality to get an idea of your skill.

Media websites

Breaking news, stories, and happenings around the world are displayed on Media websites. Money gets earned through ads shown on sites or subscription models.

Brochure website

Business who is not interested in investing a lot but needs online presence can use brochure website as a platform. Few pages laying out your business activities and contact information is provided, which is enough. It is like an online business card.

Non-profit website

Charities can be obtained from potential donors through non-profit website. It proves your legitimacy and helps to reach wide audience.

Educational website

Professionals offering online courses or online learning institutions will need an educational website.


Infopreneurs are creative and sell informative products like e-books, videos, tutorials, etc.

Personal website

Many people wish a place, where they share their own thought with the world via blogs or vlogs. It is not a website aimed to earn money but is intended to build relationships, share insights and art with interested strangers

Web portals

Information gets accumulated in different forms from variety of sources at a single place, so that relevant data is accessible whenever needed.

Choose any type ensure to get the particular goals and then decide where to host the website from.

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