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3 Best Ways to Optimize Your Posts for Maximum Traffic

  1. Target the right keywords

Keyword research helps in laying down the foundation of optimization. This helps in making Google understand what your content is about. It increases the odds of ranking higher. All you have to do is focus on one keyword per article. This helps you in keeping laser focus target on the keyword in the article. And you need to understand user intent as well. It refers to what user seek and expect to find when they are searching for something. If you are unsure of how to implement this, hire a Singapore SEO consultant.

  1. Work on low difficulty keyword

Keyword metric is an essential metric to follow and keep in check when selecting a keyword for your blog articles. The more the keyword difficulty, the fiercer the competition and harder to rank higher on the SERPs. When it comes to selecting the keywords, the rule of thumb is to opt for ones that have a decent traffic volume for low competition. To seek keyword difficulty, make the most of the free tools such as AdWords Keyword Tool or paid tools like Ahrefs.

  1. Use your keywords in titles and subheadings

There is a close association between keywords mentioned in the title tag and SERP ranking. Always use your main keywords and its variations in content heading tags too. But never go overboard with the keywords to maneuver the site ranking as it may negatively impact it.

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